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Complement your existing compliance and contract management solutions

dSilo's deep learning AI models extract contextual insights from enterprise documents to accelerate value creation and augment human talent.

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It is all about Performance Management.

Minimize Spend leakage

Discover valuable perspectives through contextual insights – enable new value through different types of spend control and reduction opportunities for positive working capital impact.

Increase Compliance and Reduce Risk

Use AI powered tools to drive compliance and risk reduction – gain visibility and insights across contracts into obligations, gaps and opportunities to increase contract performance and compliance.

Improve productivity and business impact

Leverage dSilo's automated Al solutions with self-execution – increase people efficiency, productivity and impact. Use smart workflows to help streamline the business while freeing resources to focus on higher value work and decision making.


Accelerate your enterprise’s digital capabilties with dSilo’s Deep Learning AI platform, augmenting existing investments in contract workflow, spend management, compliance tools, and more.

Intelligent Document Insights

Harness the power of Al with minimal human intervention

Rapidly analyze large volumes of complex documents, contracts, invoices automatically – extract valuable contractual insights, and enable business users to easily train dSilo's neural networks that reduce reliance on data scientists and technologists by more than 90%.

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Intelligent Contract Performance

Accelerate value creation through contextual insights of contracts

Automate identification and prevention of value leakage – discover value opportunities in contracts, such as rebates and price discounts, resulting in unrealized savings between 3% - 8% of a spend or revenue category. Improve understanding of contract obligations.

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Intelligent Compliance and Risk

Minimize the burden of compliance while reducing risk

Strengthen existing compliance management processes – identify key compliance and Third-party risk opportunities through contextual extraction of insights. Reduce overall compliance timeline and costs up to 60%.

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dSilo's ProcureGPT and ProcurementGPT solutions are built on our powerful Al platform that uses a visual interface, deep learning and neural networks to make sense of complex information

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dSilo’s Al Platform technology offers a powerful combination of Al and automation with deep learning enabled intelligent solutions

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