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ProcureGPT complements your existing contract management and procurement systems to address spend leakage, contract compliance and missed opportunities.

Intelligent insights and actions via a natural language interface to augment human talent.

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Drive value through AI enabled efficiency and effectiveness.

Reduce cost and optimize spend

AI enabled line item analysis pinpoints for example: off contract purchasing, missed rebates and discounts, unapproved unit price variances.

Cost savings realized in fragmented spend categories.

Improve productivity and business impact

Identify working capital improvements with analysis of contract payment terms compared to actual transactions using self learning AI technology.

Elimination of manual verifications and retention of institutional knowledge.

Increase compliance and reduce risk

Gain visibility and insights into contracts, SoWs, invoices and other procurement documents to identify compliance gaps and risk mitigation opportunities.

Reduction in overall compliance timeline and costs.


Augment your existing investments with powerful AI solutions in contract analysis, spend management, compliance systems and more.

Contract Intelligence

Accelerate value creation through contextual insights of contracts.

Gain visibility to details within and across contracts. Improve understanding of contract commitments and obligations. Drive supplier management with insights. Enable an enhanced risk and compliance management process.

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Spend Intelligence

Control spend and capture unrealized savings to ensure long-term stability and growth.

Get actionable insights on value leakage and spend compliance opportunities.

Retain institutional knowledge of AP amid employee turnover.

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AP Workflow Intelligence

Power your Accounts Payable (AP) reconciliation and approvals through intelligent AI.

Automate AP workflows and validations for supplier invoices to automate manual tasks, while identifying and preventing value leakage at the line item level. View information on exception driven dashboards with visibility into various unstructured procurement documents, and with drill down analytics.

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Contract Lifecycle Management

Optimize contract lifecycle management through AI ensuring efficient contract creation, negotiation, monitoring, and compliance.

Manage agreements across all stages of the contracting lifecycle with the aid of AI-generated drafts meticulously tailored to meet specific contractual requirements. Simultaneously, facilitate the integration of red-lining into the process, leveraging an advanced and automated digitized contracting system.

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Use Cases

Leverage the full potential of AI to enhance your spend operations; from contract analysis to compliance; and beyond.

Working Capital Improvement

Contextually extract payment terms from existing agreements such as MSAs, SOWs, and POs.

Match the extracted payment terms against stated terms on the invoices, and actual payments made to identify any working capital opportunities.

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Purchase Price Variance

Compare like item pricing for different locations, or different suppliers.

Match like items based on description or part number and assess all extracted line item level prices against pricing of the same item on different invoices and suppliers to identify purchase price variance at scale.

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Contract Compliance

Understand contract compliance throughout every phase of an agreement, from execution to termination. Utilize these insights to improve the organization's risk and compliance management processes.

Harness the platform's capabilities to gain comprehensive visibility into all commitments and obligations with over 150 user-defined clauses and data points covered so far.

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Line-item Spend Intelligence

Enhance supplier management and negotiations with comprehensive visualization down to the line item level, showing pricing discrepancies and best-price alternatives including accessorial and administrative charges.

Ingest line item level information from invoices that allows like-item comparisons and validation against contractual agreements.

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dSilo's ProcureGPT and ProcurementGPT platform employs Large Language Models (LLMs) and advanced Generative AI technology to revolutionize the field of procurement. By meticulously analyzing a wide range of procurement documents and vast quantities of data, our platform equips procurement professionals with the insights needed to make well-informed decisions, enabling them to navigate the complexities of procurement effectively.

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dSilo's Al Platform technology leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI to provide a robust synergy of artificial intelligence and automation. This advanced technology, enhanced by deep learning capabilities, delivers intelligent solutions that empower organizations.

Large Language Models (LLMs)

Generative AI

Prompt Engineering

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