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Our Purpose

Like the human brain, dSilo’s deep-learning AI engine creates knowledge: digitizing, codifying, and extracting key data attributes, then driving information visibility to pinpoint how you can capture unrealized value.

our values


Maintaining focus, persistence, and loyalty to our relationships, customers, partners, and team members — even when the going gets tough.


Creating an inclusive and collaborative working environment where staff, partners, and customers are all valued and respected.


Building trust with every interaction by maintaining professionalism, truth, and integrity.

Leadership Team

Sharad Malhautra


Jay Gutta


Lalit Gupta, Ph.D.

Head, Deep Learning & AI

Ploy Thajchayapong, Ph.D.

Lead, Deep Learning & AI

Hemakumar Mudimi

Lead, Engineering

Arjun Chougule

Lead, Customer Success

Samyuktha Gutha

Lead, Data

Malli Pujala

Lead, Dev Ops

Dakin Ferris

Head, Legal


Providing domain expertise, market insights, future directions and more…

Michaela Greenan


Rod Robinson


Shahid Javed


Niul Burton


Vineet Garg


Our Story

Co-founders Sharad and Jay have been involved in many complex business transformations for customers over the years — they experienced the challenges companies face in various areas such as supply chain and finance. They saw first-hand how many organizations:

  • Miss opportunities, leaving money on the table due to inadequate capabilities or resources,
  • Sub-optimize performance due to silos within their enterprise, and
  • Compromise collaboration across their broader ecosystem with suppliers and customers.

Wanting to bridge the chasm and virtually remove the silos within enterprises through technologies and solutions, they left EY to start dSilo in 2020. Assembling a world-class team of practitioners in business and technology across the globe, they innovated an AI technology platform to build enterprise-grade applications and solutions, merging advanced deep learning AI technology and neural networks with an intuitive visual interface that empowers business users across the enterprise today — instead of waiting for tomorrow.

With several patents already filed and more underway, dSilo is on the path to making
“AI @ scale” a reality in today’s business.