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Drawing inspiration from the human brain, dSilo's deep learning Al engine, powered by advanced technologies including LLMs and AGI, fosters knowledge creation. By digitizing, codifying, and extracting crucial data attributes, it enhances information visibility, enabling precise identification of untapped value capture opportunities.

AI Platform

dSilo: A leading platform for innovating AI enabled Business Solutions

Uniquely powerful solutions empowering business users

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as LLMs, Generative AI, and other advanced tools, dSilo's deep learning proprietary patented ( 6 patents) Al technology excels in extracting contextualized information from diverse business contracts, financial documents, and unstructured data. By delivering actionable reconciliation and valuable insights, it effectively uncovers hidden value that often remains obscured within vast amounts of data across transaction systems, even amidst intricate interactions with suppliers, customers, and partners.


dSilo’s AI platform capabilities are the foundation for enabling cutting-edge solutions for extracting and combining both structured and un-structured data into valuable insights to help harness unrealized value which may otherwise be lost.


dSilo's intelligent digitization and extraction drives knowledge creation and retention, delivers contextual insights, and provides new perspectives and avenues to help advance your business goals.

Extracts insights from complex documents – contracts, invoices, purchase orders – quickly, easily, and efficiently using dSilo’s advanced Al technology, deep-learning algorithms, artificial neural networks, and natural language processing developed as a result of years of rigorous training and testing by industry domain experts.


Identifies value opportunities and reconciles documents with transactions, spend data, and financial systems.

Analyzes spend data and drives cost savings with dSilo's categorization and Al -driven views. Pre-built auto matching algorithms match variety of supplier transactional data with contractual commitments.


Generates automated and self - executing actions. Enables a balanced and synergistic combination of Al and human involvement for efficient workflow with informed and effective decision making.

Empowers business users to define and configure their own rules and actions based on contextual understanding of contract metadata and transactional data.