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Contract Intelligence

Contract Intelligence

Contract Intelligence

Accelerate value creation through contextual insights of contracts.

Gain visibility to details within and across contracts. Improve understanding of contract provisions and obligations. Drive supplier management with insights. Improve certain risk and compliance management processes.

A person viewing the Clause Analytics dashboard on a laptop

Visibility – Operate with full knowledgeVisibility – Operate with full knowledge

Visibility of all your clauses and pricing terms across all contracts, MSAs, SoWs, Invoices, POs and other procurement documents via dashboards.

>98% visibility across contracts to identify and automate cost saving initiatives.

Self service – Navigate to resultsSelf service – Navigate to results

Self-service access to intelligent analysis for cost saving, compliance, risk and performance management on the entirety of information in documents.

Retain institutional knowledge otherwise lost to employee turnover.

Supplier management – Get the upper handSupplier management – Get the upper hand

Customized insights and identification of unrealized value such as contract consolidation opportunities. Strengthen negotiation position with suppliers.

Inputs for ongoing supplier management to help achieve optimal value.