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Harness the power of Al with state-of-the-art procurement solutions to positively impact your bottom line.

Contract Intelligence

Spend Intelligence

AP Workflow Intelligence

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Intelligence

Accelerate value creation through contextual insights of contracts.

Gain visibility to details within and across contracts. Improve understanding of contract provisions and obligations. Drive supplier management with insights. Improve certain risk and compliance management processes.

Visibility – Operate with full knowledge

Visibility of all your clauses and pricing terms across all contracts, MSAs, SoWs, Invoices, POs and other procurement documents via dashboards.

>98% visibility across contracts to identify and automate cost saving initiatives.

Self service – Navigate to results

Self-service access to intelligent analysis for cost saving, compliance, risk and performance management on the entirety of information in documents.

Retain institutional knowledge otherwise lost to employee turnover.

Supplier management – Get the upper hand

Customized insights and identification of unrealized value such as contract consolidation opportunities. Strengthen negotiation position with suppliers.

Inputs for ongoing supplier management to help achieve optimal value.

Spend Intelligence

Control spend and capture unrealized savings.

Get actionable insights on value leakage and spend compliance opportunities. Automate invoice validations and reconciliations. Leverage powerful fraud detection and improved controls. Retain institutional knowledge of AP amid employee turnover.

Deeper extraction – Benefit from line item level

Automatic categorization and classification of line level data for net price variance analysis by supplier, by location and by date.

Ability to analyze in detail any ancillary charges such as customs duty, fees, freight, service charges and identify savings opportunities.

Automatic analysis – Get information on your finger tips

Automatic categorization and classification of line level data for net price analysis.

Continuous monitoring of spend and contract data without reliance on any third party.

Value Leakage – Stop the leaks

Actionable insights on all spend leakage, such as non-compliance of contractual terms or buying off contract.

Intelligence into working capital improvement opportunities such as payment terms and supply chain financing.

AP Workflow Intelligence

Power your Accounts Payable (AP) approvals and payments through intelligent AI.

Automate AP workflows and validations for supplier invoices to automate manual tasks, while identifying and preventing value leakage at the line item level. View information on exception driven dashboards with visibility of various unstructured procurement documents with drill down analytics.

Increase Effectiveness

>98% accuracy in extraction of invoice data up to line item level.

Auto classification and categorization of all the invoices.

Higher control over the AP process.

Targeting supply chain discounts for early payments.

Increase Efficiency

>95% retention of institutional knowledge amid employee turnover.

>30% headcount reduction across the Accounts Payable teams doing reconciliations for payments.

Increase Productivity

>90% reduction in payment errors and faster financial close process.

>75% increase of automated approvals.

>95% elimination of manual verifications in the AP process.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Manage agreements across all stages of the contracting lifecycle; AI generated drafts with clauses tailored to requirements through an automated digitized contracting process.

Automate - draft new contracts

Author new contracts that reflect current policies and business context. Include standard clauses and make initial modifications to align with the product/service requirements.

Simplify - contract reviews and negotiating terms and conditions

Perform initial review and redlining of third party contractual documents; redline based on relevant company policies.

Assess - contract quality

Review draft contracts (either in-house or third party) and provide a standardized assessment of each contract iteration to identify and prioritize gaps for resolution.