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Accelerate your enterprise’s digital journey with dSilo’s deep-learning AI platform, augmenting existing investments in contract workflow, spend management, compliance tools, and more.

Intelligent Document

Intelligent Contract

Intelligent Compliance
and Risk

Intelligent Document Insights

The power of Deep Learning AI driven extraction and contextual insights

Automatically and intelligently digitize, parse, analyze, and convert complex documents into structured data fields. Extract insights quickly, easily and efficiently. Enhance visibility and drive decisions with user friendly dashboards. Selected use cases below:

Day-to-day business – Extract value from opportunities

Process various document types across the enterprise to intelligently extract insights and provide visibility. Customize extraction for unique requirements of your enterprise. Drive actions easily through automated workflows and integrate into your processes to improve productivity. Discover and capture the unrealized value that may otherwise have been lost.

Invoice Extraction & AP Automation – Streamline and save

Automate vendor invoice processing by automatically extracting invoice data from invoice documents at scale. as well as automating the AP workflows for reconciliations and approval to make payments. dSilo’s pre-trained AI models extract line item level data across various formats and do not require heavy training.

M&A Due-Diligence – Identify and highlight contract obligations

Create full transparency of contract obligations or provisions, including unclear or ambiguous clauses eg. pricing structures, hidden or implied warranties, value-add provisions, most-favored-nations clauses and more. Simplify and streamline complicated M&A due-diligence processes, and reduce time expended on certain due-diligence tasks by more than 85%.

Intelligent Contract Performance

dSilo's innovative solution merges advanced deep-learning Al technology and neural networks with an intuitive visual interface to empower business users across your enterprise – transform complex contracts automatically into easily understandable information, and extract valuable business insights and expose unrealized value opportunities with new and existing contracts. Reveal valuable insights and drive automated actions to capture unrealized contract value. This solution complements your existing software.

Value Leakage – Stop the leaks

Prevent contractual "value leakage“ – opportunity gaps arising from mis-matches between agreed contractual terms by suppliers and subsequent contract execution by involved businesses – typically 3% to 8% of a revenue or spend category. Value opportunities like missed discounts or promotional rebates detected by dSilo's automated deep-learning Al can add up to millions of dollars per year in spend savings.

Minimize Spend – Capture hidden contract value

Analyze complex contracts contextually at both speed and scale. dSilo's deep learning Al can connect with your existing IT systems to identify opportunities to reduce costs. Retain irreplaceable institutional knowledge otherwise lost to staff turnover.

Maximize Revenue – Recover unrealized value

Leverage dSilo’s contract performance for customer contracts to maximize revenue. The self-service user interface enables commercial business teams to automatically ingest and analyze contract terms, detect and recover overlooked or unrealized contract value opportunities, and recover potential trade promotion opportunities or service claims and achieve higher customer satisfaction by as much as 90%.

Intelligent Compliance and Risk

Transform compliance management across the enterprise and between businesses, suppliers, and customers by seamlessly automating certain compliance processes, saving time and increasing compliance. This solution uniquely enables organizations to sharpen their risk oversight by automating certain capabilities and zeroing in on risks to identify, assess, monitor and manage the risk with Third-party companies.

dSilo provides visibility and unique assessment of risks from Third-party as evidenced from both structured and unstructured data, coupled with contextual insights gathered from your documents and transaction systems. This solution complements your existing software.

Reduce overall risk profile

Improve your security posture through continuous monitoring, built in compliance features, self-service, quantitative data based assessments, dashboards and structured actions. Depending on the level of connectivity and integration an organization desires, it can leverage data from ERP systems, supplier IT systems and GRC software to help analyze vendor data for compliance objectives.

Reduce Third-party Risk

Overcome some of the typical TPM (Third-party Management) challenges for risk, control and mitigation. Increase visibility with a comprehensive view of suppliers and other parties, along with their risk profiles sequenced by criticality, to help you manage, or even eliminate, certain risks or threats. With proper and timely actions, optimize and improve third party risk for improved business continuity.

Reduce compliance and infrastructure costs

Streamline and automate existing contract compliance processes and reduce overall compliance tasks, timelines, and infrastructure costs by up to 60% – while also reducing reliance on costly external consultants and independent auditors – leveraging dSilo's deep learning Al capability to extract and match. As an example, one can streamline and automate contract compliance for a given area.