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dSilo’s AI Platform technology offers a powerful combination of AI and Automation with deep learning enabled intelligent Solutions

Deep Learning AI

Deep Learning AI

dSilo’s deep-learning AI platform utilizes the power of our proprietary hierarchical micro- model approach to for extracting contextual insights and uses leading NLP and computer vision techniques to understand the complex contract documents.

Procurement AI Models

Procurement AI Models

dSilo’s advanced design and modularized scaling architecture enables optimized usage of cloud resources to auto scale and deliver results at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional approaches. The platform handles high volumes of unstructured data and delivers contextual insights at speed.

Smart Data

Smart Data Management

Empowers business users to create and automate data processing pipelines that enable dSilo’s deep-learning AI technology to validate, correct, and standardize incoming and outgoing data. Supporting multiple data ingestion formats from different data sources, dSilo’s pre-built configurable data connectors link to several systems, including SAP, Oracle, Ariba, Coupa, CLM, and others.

Trust and

Trust and Security

Designed and implemented by top security professionals, dSilo’s built-in security controls protect all customer data — both in-transit and at-rest — along with all system information secured using industry-standard encryption. dSilo is working with AICPA-certified third-party auditors to validate and maintain SOC2 Type II and NIST standards across the platform to maintain the highest level of security rating.

Scalability and

Scalability and Flexibility

The dSilo platform uses Cloud capabilities to make it scalable for any loads of data, users and transactions. The automation framework built in-house makes the platform flexible to extend based on customer requirements.



The dSilo platform is built using micro - services architecture making integration easy with any enterprise system. The platform also has built-in connectors and plugins to pull/push from ERP, financial and procurement systems. Offers integration with enterprise software systems – it can automatically match and corelate transactional data with digitalized documents and contracts to extend the value of existing software investments through this AI platform.